Friday, May 2, 2014

Monster Black Bean Birthday Burgers

One thing you all might not know about Matt and me: when we make something for a special occasion, we tend to stuff ourselves and feel like crap the next day.  But this was one meal that turned out perfectly, and we felt wonderfully satisfied without all the negative side-effects.

For Matt's birthday (last December--yes, this is another old post) we were thinking about going to Fozzi's for their blackbean burgers.  Matt loves meat, but we were in the mood for vegetarian eating.  We then discovered that if we made the black bean burgers ourselves, we could do wonderful things to them, like use challah bread for the bun.  Yum.  So that's what we did.

I decided to use this recipe for black bean burgers from whole foods:  

It worked out quite well.  See below the cooking step.

Browning the black bean burgers.

Here are the special fixin's - romaine lettuce, garlic and herb goat cheese, marinated red bell pepper, and some green salsa.

Toast the buns with a brush of olive oil on them.  Black bean patty, then some goat cheese on top, caramelized onions, marinated bell pepper, and the salsa.

They were incredibly huge.  And delicious.  Served them with baked sweet potato chips...

...and a glass of Chimay Belgian beer.  Yummy.

And we felt good after this meal, and the next day.  It was a perfect birthday dinner.

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